A good bandleader makes his musicians great.
A strong manager his team.
_Thilo Wolf


»Can you learn from jazz for business management? ... An interesting and entertaining lecture that virtually invites you to "think about it". Absolutely worth listening to!«

Prof. Dieter Kempf
President of the Federation of German Industries
Präsident Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) e. V. (2017–2020)



JAZZTHINKING is a method for real creative thinking and motivating teams to open up to new ways of doing things.

JAZZTHINKING is aimed at entrepreneurs, decision-makers and managers, but also at teams that are fundamentally open and curious to cross professional boundaries and feel the desire and need to discover new things and take unusual paths

Using many examples from the world of music and the great orchestras, as well as the encounter of jazz musicians with classics, we give food for thought on how to motivate people to engage in something new. For example, successful change often requires only minor variations within existing building blocks for success. But the important topics such as silo thinking, generation conflict or error (in)culture are also the focus of consideration when it comes to cooperation and team cohesion.

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Thilo Wolf: What is important to me! 
""JAZZTHINKING is a lecture and workshop concept developed by me and also a protected brand. JAZZTHINKING includes 30 years of personal professional experience as an entrepreneur working with large and corporate clients, but also 30 years of artistic experience as an instrumentalist, composer and conductor on international stages. I know the worlds I report on very well. So I don't report artificially acquired knowledge, but exclusively personal and living experiences. This makes JAZZTHINKING unique and authentic, as is confirmed to me again and again after lectures. In short: I have experienced what I am talking about."



»Thank you again for the fantastic lecture. ... You absolutely picked up the team.«

Lennert Ketels
Global Head of Technical Project Management | Global Technical Project Management | Firma Heinz Glas



Offer - JAZZTHINKING Modules

All variants can be adapted to your needs and business objectives. Live, digital online or hybrid.

Among others, these include:

  • Insight into a world characterised by "agile" thinking and quick reactions.
  • The illustration of developing something completely new from small inspirations.
  • The experience of real creative thinking and implementation in the company.
  • The methods of convincing and inspiring a team to change.
  • Concrete adaptation of a workshop to the needs of your company.
  • Focus on shared interactive and experimental experiences of the participants.

And all this is told in an exciting - and humorous - way with numerous examples from the world of concerts and the stage. Or you can experience it live with a small music group or a whole orchestra.

Press report on the Puls Entrepreneur Day: What jazz pianist Thilo Wolf advises business in the crisis.


»I am thrilled! Mr Thilo Wolf gives very good case studies based on experiences, conveys memorable images. Inspiring food for thought seen from a whole new angle. More of it!«

Marcell Oppenberg
Dipl.-Ing. Key Account Management, UPONOR


JAZZTHINKING - Worum geht es?!


The Speaker

An exciting professional life between business, music stages and cultural management

Thilo Wolf (Diplom-Kaufmann univ.) is an entrepreneur and managing director of a POS and marketing company as well as an event and production agency. He works for many well-known German and international companies and has won the important POPAI POS Award (D-A-CH) several times for successful POS campaigns.

As a pianist and bandleader, he was awarded the induction of the Thilo Wolf Big Band into the American Hall Of Fame. He wrote four musicals, his last two (Der Tunnel and Swing Street) were nominated six times for the German Musical Theatre Award (he himself three times as composer and arranger), and they won it three times. As an artist and idea generator, his TV series Swing It was voted Germany's Best Jazz Programme. The world-famous rock band Uriah Heep said simply: "Fucking Genious" about Thilo Wolf's project Rock The Big Band, a fusion of rock and big band jazz music. His album Swinging Cole Porter with Amy's father Mitch Winehouse was nominated for the German Record Critics' Award.

With the brands Green Intelligent Sourcing and The Green Wolf, new approaches emerged to carry out marketing and POS campaigns, as well as modern entertainment, under the premise of sustainability.

With the insights from culture and management, the consulting area JAZZTHINKING developed. Here Thilo Wolf accompanies companies in innovation and change processes.

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... & GUESTS

Thilo Wolf is also happy to work with a guest at a JAZZTHINKING lecture or workshop. For example with Norbert Nagel (clarinettist, saxophonist and musical border crosser) or Bettina Meske (award-winning actress and jazz singer). 

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»Very inspiring and incredibly illustrative.«

Jörg Bruch
Sales Manager Special Institutes at TeamBank AG



From Oldenburg to Frankfurt am Main to Vienna, whether executives or sales staff, JAZZTHINKING has picked up every audience so far. 

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»For me, the lightness, joy of variation and improvisation in jazz is a really apt analogy to the agility, flexibility and creativity required in everyday agency work. Many thanks for the entertaining and inspiring JAZZTHINKING lecture!«

Kai Uwe Bünting 
Management board, von Mende.


HoW it all began

Das Thilo Wolf Jazz Quartett und das Münchner Rundfunkorchester

The idea for JAZZTHINKING came to Thilo Wolf during rehearsals for a concert where the Thilo Wolf Jazz Quartet met the Munich Radio Orchestra for a live radio concert.

Read more about it here ...


Since the beginning of his musical career, Thilo Wolf has had many special encounters with the most interesting people in the music world, both on and off stage.

Here we have compiled a gallery for you.


»That was an extraordinary and impressive presentation .«

Simone Leuchauer 
House management at Höffner Möbelgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG Fürth