The most fascinating and memorable way to experience the contents of JAZZTHINKING. Together with a selected music formation of jazz musicians and classics, you will experience a highly creative and musical impulse lecture for your managers and your employees.

The new format "JAZZTHINKING IN CONCERT". Here not only the speaker Thilo Wolf comes on stage, but he brings a whole musical ensemble with him. This can be a small jazz trio, but also a big band or a large string orchestra of about 20 people. It is also a special experience when Thilo Wolf brings his long-time companion clarinettist Norbert Nagel to the recital and with him builds another bridge between classical music, jazz and business.

Jazzthinking meets Gershwin: To the music of George Gershwin, Thilo Wolf and his musicians show how an orchestra works, what tasks a conductor performs, how jazz and classical music merge and how musicians improvise. The audience can expect an extremely entertaining as well as informative impulse lecture on the topic of "Creative Thinking" and "Team Management", in which the audience will also be interactively involved. For example, who hasn't always wanted to conduct an orchestra themselves?

It is very illustrative for the participants that Thilo Wolf makes the transfer from the music on stage to the processes of the companies at every point. When it is not sober power point charts but an enthusiastic orchestra that conveys important content, the images are sure to remain in the minds of the audience for a long time.

JAZZTHINKING IN CONCERT is a highly creative and musical impulse lecture, a very lively and lasting infotainment and musical experience. We design this lecture entirely according to your individual needs.


»A great, interesting and captivating lecture. An important topic presented in a completely new way!«

Anke Lenzen 
Communications, E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH


live, digital online or hybrid

All variants can be adapted to your needs and business objectives. 

We offer to you both  A. Lecture and a B. Workshop that provides impulses for the implementation of creative thinking in your company and thus sets an important basis for innovation and change processes.  A particularly exciting variation is C. "JAZZTHINKING in Concert" (New!)